Frustrated vs Happy website user Frustrated vs Happy website user Frustrated vs Happy website user
Your website without BrowserHawk IQ
With BrowserHawk IQ

Your happy customer tells a friend. Your unhappy customer tells everyone.

Unhappy customer When users experience browser problems on your site, they can't get stuff done. They become frustrated and vocal. Your job gets harder. A lot harder. You want to hide in a dark cave with scary bats. Don't hang out with scary bats. Get BrowserHawk IQ.

Only BrowserHawk IQ provides the enterprise-class, cloud-based solution you need to proactively help users who do not meet your browser and system requirements. It fully automates browser support, provides self-help to users, and collects diagnostic data for your helpdesk. And, it works just by adding two lines of HTML to your website.

Browser problems frustrate and alienate users.
This is easily solved by BrowserHawk IQ.

Introduction to BrowserHawk IQ

BH IQ is an automated "pre-flight browser check" for your website users. It identifies users with unsupported browsers and settings that can cause failures or other unexpected problems on your site, and collects their configuration details for you.

BH IQ can also provide users with automated help. Users see your checklist of requirements and browser-specific instructions to fix their issues. For those who can't, your helpdesk will have their system details for easy troubleshooting.

BrowserHawk IQ Highlights:
  • Automates browser technical support to help you scale
  • Identifies users with unsupported browsers and settings
  • Checks silently in the background, or shows users self-help
  • Automatically collects troubleshooting data for your helpdesk
  • Cloud solution - just add two lines of HTML to your site
  • Reports and analytics to know your customers better
  • Affordable plans and pricing options for all budgets
  • The industry's leading solution used by names you trust
Check your users silently, or provide self-help like the above
  • Prior to BrowserHawk, 94% of all reported issues required escalation to senior support for resolution. After implementing BrowserHawk, first call resolution improved dramatically with only 4% of issues requiring escalation.

    Nate Holder
    SkillSoft Ltd.
  • Proactively detecting any potential end user browser issues with our eLearning platform and guiding users to corrective action is more critical now than ever. BrowserHawk helps us ensure a very high level of user participation and satisfaction.

    Mark Resmer
    CTO, eCollege
  • BrowserHawk makes it very easy for us to ensure our site's minimum system requirements are met, without burdening or frustrating our users. Despite the significant growth of our user base over the years, BrowserHawk has helped us keep our support costs relatively constant.

    Corey Ramsden
  • Thanks for all your help; cyScape, by far, has the best customer support of any company with which I've worked.

    Kevin Richardson
    Carnegie Learning
  • I've used BrowserHawk since 2004 and rely on it for critical business decisions. In today’s software world, where it seems other software products often crash, hang, or screw up in some fashion, BrowserHawk is a rare exception and proven to be rock-solid.

    Chris Colby
    President, Wildwind Software Corp.
  • BrowserHawk kicks a** and will meet or exceed all of our needs. My overall experience with cyScape is one of the best I have had among hundreds of interactions. The pre-sales support you provided was better than paid "Premium Support" from other vendors.

    R Keith Beal
  • Thank you very much for the very thoughtful and detailed response! I especially like that you thought about my problem from a high-level perspective, and not just from a technical perspective.

    Todd Northrop
    Speednet Group
  • Just wanted to let you know that BrowserHawk has been a real timesaver and works GREAT! My boss is very pleased too. We no longer have to worry about being embarrassed in front of a client due to browser issues. Keep up the excellent work.

    Robert Dean
  • I appreciate your detailed response. It encourages me that your business takes the time to actually CORRESPOND with your customers and potential customers, instead of just REPLYING.

    Forrest C. Shields II
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