About this documentation

This documentation provides detailed information to help you quickly get up to speed with CountryHawk and master it in no time at all. This information is organized as follows:

Quick Start Guide: Provides an overview of the steps needed to get up and running quickly with CountryHawk.

Installation Guide: Provides detailed information on installing CountryHawk.

Sample Scripts: Provides information on the sample scripts that ship with CountryHawk and how to run the samples.

CountryHawk Users Guide: Provides an understanding of CountryHawk's data files, information on how to customize and update the data files, and an introduction to using the component from your programming language of choice.

Working with Statistics Guide: Provides details on how to use CountryHawk's built-in support for automatic statistics collection and reporting on visitor's by country and region.

Properties and Methods Guide: Provides a detailed reference for all the properties and methods supported by CountryHawk, along with code snippets which demonstrate basic concepts.