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Renewing Support and Maintenance
Created: 6/11/2002    Updated: 9/27/2004
Q   How does the renewal process work for annual Support and Maintenance? Will you notify us when it is time to renew?

A   Yes, approximately one month before your Support and Maintenance are due to expire we will send an email to the person on record for your purchase.

However we sometimes find that the original person who made the purchase is no longer with the company and can have difficulty locating the proper contact for the renewal.

Please keep in mind that although we will send a reminder as a courtesy, it is ultimately the customers responsibility to ensure that your Support and Maintenance is renewed prior to its expiration. In the event your Support and Maintenance expires, you will need to purchase an upgrade for your licenses should you need support or want to bring your software up to date in the future.

Please use whatever measures are available within your company for license accounting or configuration manangement so that the correct department is notified of the rewewal as a result of your internal procedures for such renewals.

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