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My credit card was declined when ordering. Now what?
Created: 1/27/2001    Updated: 4/25/2002
Q   When I tried to place an order for BrowserHawk your order system declined my card. How do we straighten this out?

A   First please check that you have entered the credit card number correctly and that you are using the correct expiration date.

Then check with your credit card company to be sure that the card has ample funds available and that the card is currently active.

If you confirm that the card has sufficient funds and is active, it may be a processing issue between our bank and your credit card company. Some cards, particularly with international orders, may encounter these types of issues.

The easiest thing to do in this case is to try another card. If you encounter the same problem with another card, or do not have another card you can use, please call our sales department at 800-932-6869 x1 or 301-424-8200 x1, or Please include any information that you have obtained from your bank, such as confirmation that the card is active. We will immediately begin working with our processing center to resolve the issue quickly and will contact you to let you know what is being done and where things stand.

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