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Problem using GetExtPropertiesEx in global.asa
Created: 3/27/2001    Updated: 10/28/2002
Q   I tried using the GetExtPropertiesEx method from global.asa but things are not working as expected. After this executes, the code following the call to these methods never executes. Some session variables are also never set as expected. Any ideas?

A   GetExtPropertiesEx issues a redirect as part of the test it performs on the browser. Since global.asa is only called on the very first page hit for each user, IIS does not call global.asa on the second page request that results from the redirect.

Therefore you should not call GetExtPropertiesEx from global.asa, as it is not designed for use in global.asa and can cause other related issues.

Instead of global.asa, it is recommended that you use an include file. With this technique you have an include file that is included from every page on your site. In the include file you check a variable which serves as a flag to tell you whether you've performed the test yet for that user. If so, you skip the test, if not, you perform the test and set the flag, and can then store the results in a session variable if you wish.

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