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SSLKeySize of 40 or 56 returned instead of 128
Created: 5/14/2001    Updated: 5/24/2001
Q   When testing the SSL key size BrowserHawk is returning a size of 56 bits for browsers when they actually have 128 bits. What can cause this?

A   This is expected behavior if your web server does not have an 128 bit digital certificate installed.

For example, assume you have a 56 bit certificate installed on your web server. When a user hits your site with an 128 bit SSL browser, your web server will automatically downgrade the security to 56 bits because that is all your certificate can accommodate. BrowserHawk is correctly identifying that your SSL key size for the connection is indeed only 56.

To resolve the issue obtain a 128 bit certificate and install it on your web server, then reboot. After doing so BrowserHawk will detect the 128 bit security.

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