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No statistics appearing in database
Created: 5/22/2001    Updated: 3/1/2005
Q   I set up BrowserHawk Reports to log statistics, but I'm not seeing any statistics being logged to the database. What could be wrong?

A   Here are some troubleshooting steps to take, in order:

1) Under BH Editor->Pref and Options->Reporting Options click on the "Select Properties to Log button" and make sure you have selected one or more properties. If you have not that would explain why nothing is being logged.

2) Switch over to the Reports Database tab and press the Test Tables button to confirm the database settings are valid.

3) From the Reporting Options tab click on the "Test" button. If you receive a 404 error and are running on IIS 6 or later on Windows Server 2003 then you must explictly mark the BRWS ISAPI extension as allowed to execute. You can verify this is the issue by checking your IIS log files and looking for the 404 error when accessing the cyscapebrws.dll file. The error will actually be logged as 404.x, where the ".x" will translate to a code which indicates it is a permissions issue and not really a 404 file not found (IIS purposely returns 404 in this case for security reasons even though its not really a file not found error). See the KB article at for detailed instructions on how to configure IIS 6 and later to allow the BRWS extension to execute.

If you are not running IIS 6 or later, or are running IIS 6 but already configured the ISAPI extension to be allowd, then the 404 error indicates that settings on this tab are not set correctly. If you receive another error message, then report that to us. Otherwise, the browser window should display a status telling you that everything is functioning (or what the problem may be).

4) Next check to make sure that you are calling the LogData method from your script that you create the BH object on (this should be the page you want to log the statistics from). Be sure that you are calling LogData somewhere between the opening and closing BODY tags in your html document. See the BrowserHawk Help for details on this method.

5) Once you confirm you are calling LogData, hit the page you are calling this method from with your browser. After the page is displayed in your browser, do a View->Source and search the HTML output for "cyscapebrws". You should find an image tag that has that name in it along with the properties to be recorded.

Note the full path to the cyscapesvrBRWS.dll file as specified in the image tag. Make certain that the URL path shown in the image tag maps to the path to where you installed the cyscapesvrBRWS.dll file. If it does not, then your "BH Reports Web Service URL" field found in the Reporting Options (Under BH Editor->Pref and Options) is not correct. Update that field accordingly and restart your services.

Also make certain that the image tag which points to cyscapesvrBRWS.dll appears between your BODY tags of this HTML source. If it does not, you must change the location in your script where you call LogData so that the image tag will be sent between your BODY tags in the generated page.

If you do not find an image tag for the cyscapeBRWS.dll file within your HTML source, then you have not called the LogData method from the page. or there is a error with the configuration.

6) Under BH Editor->Pref and Options->Reporting Options there is a setting for the log file directory. Check in that directory for the named bhrmmdd.log, where mm is the month and dd is the day (i.e. bhr0515.log). If there is no such file then the BRWS ISAPI dll is not getting created, either because the DLL is not in the path which matches the setting in the BH Editor, or there is a permissions issue. If you have no log file let us know. If you do have a log file, email it to us.

7) Check the Application Event viewer for error messages from BrowserHawk Reports. Typically these will be the same as those found in the log file, but if you find anything in there not reported in the log send us the details.

Please let us know what you find. If it turns out it was just something you hadn't set up or done, let us know that too - we want to know where it gets confusing so we can provide the most intuitive instructions possible in our set up.

NOTE: If you make any changes to the settings or configuration under the BH Editor related to the reporting options or database, you must restart the IISADMIN service in order for BrowserHawk and the BRWS to pick up these new settings (for example if you change the properties to be logged, the change will not take affect until the next startup).

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