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MS XML version 4 not detected as expected with BH 5.0
Created: 7/27/2001    Updated: 4/24/2002
Q   When using BrowserHawk 5.0 and testing a browser with the Microsoft XML parser version 4 installed, BrowserHawk is returning the version number as 2 instead of 4. Why?

A   BrowserHawk 5.0 does not explicitly test for MS XML version 4 because this version of the parser was not available at the time of development. As such BrowserHawk 5.0 may return a value of 0, 1, or 2 (depending on whether older versions of the XML parser are installed) instead.

BrowserHawk 5.01 tests for MS XML version 4. To resolve this issue download and install BrowserHawk 5.01 or later.

Note: This does not apply to users of BrowserHawk4J 5.0, which was built after the ActiveX/COM version and therefore explicitly tests for MS XML v4.

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