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Running browserInfo.asp script with Professional Edition returns an error
Created: 8/3/2001    Updated: 9/28/2004
Q   I'm running the Professional Edition of BrowserHawk. When I try the browserInfo.asp sample that you supply it returns a message saying that certain properties are not available. Why?

A   The browserinfo.asp sample is designed to collect many advanced settings of the user's browser. These settings include browser checks which are exclusive to the Enterprise Edition.

To use this script with the Professional Edition, edit the browserinfo.asp source to remove the properties which are not supported in the Professional Edition. This will cut down on the level of detail provided, but the script will still provide detection of all supported checks in the Professional Edition.

Or, if you are interested in collecting the details provided by the Enterprise Edition, you can upgrade to Enterprise from the Professional Edition.

A listing of the differences between the Standard, Professional, and Enterprise Editions is available at

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