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Disabled settings not detected as expected when testing with IE
Created: 8/15/2001    Updated: 11/12/2001
Q   I am testing our site with IE to confirm our BrowserHawk code detects disabled settings (such as cookies and JavaScript) as I expect. However, when I disable cookies BrowserHawk still shows they are enabled. When I check this against BrowserHawk running on the cyScape site, it does detect them correctly as disabled. What am I doing wrong?

A   When changing the Security options within Internet Explorer, make sure you are changing the settings for the correct zone (internet Vs. Intranet) which you are testing in.

For example, if you are testing on your local machine or network, you're probably hitting your page under the Intranet zone. By default, you may actually be changing the security settings to disable cookies for the internet zone, without realizing it.

So in this scenario, you have not disabled cookies for the zone you are testing in, and therefore BrowserHawk will properly report that they are enabled.

This applies to all security settings which can be disabled, such as ActiveX controls, cookies, JavaScript, and Java.

Also, if you are trying to disable JavaScript with IE, make sure you disabled "Active scripting" and not Java or "Scripting of Java applets".

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