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Shockwave 8.5 version not detected as expected with IE on Windows
Created: 8/28/2001    Updated: 8/28/2001
Q   BrowserHawk is not detecting my Shockwave build version as expected. Why?

A   cyScape has determined there is a small issue with the new installer technology used by Macromedia starting with Shockwave 8.5. This issue affects detection of Shockwave under IE for Windows only as provided by the Plugin_DirectorVerEx property.

As a result, BrowserHawk ActiveX/COM versions prior to 5.02, and BrowserHawk4J JavaBean versions prior to 5.0, can not provide accurate build information in the Plugin_DirectorVerEx property. Note that this issue does not affect the Plugin_Director property.

For the affected versions of BrowserHawk (as mentioned above), the Plugin_DirectorVerEx will be blank if the user did not have any version of Shockwave installed prior to installing 8.5. Or if the user did have a version installed prior to 8.5, the Plugin_DirectorVerEx property will likely contain the old version number of the plugin prior to being upgraded.

Starting with BrowserHawk 5.02 ActiveX/COM and BrowserHawk4J 5.0, the Plugin_DirectorVerEx property will be set to 8,5,0,0 for any build of Shockwave 8.5 installed. This is because it is not possible to detect the exact build of 8.5 due to the issues mentioned above.

Versions of Shockwave prior to 8.5 will continue to be detected with their full build information as before.

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