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JavaEnabled returns True with Netscape 6+ when Java is not installed
Created: 8/28/2001    Updated: 4/24/2002
Q   JavaEnabled is coming back as True with Netscape 6 and up, even though I do not have any Java support installed for the browser. How can I detect this situation?

A   JavaEnabled under Netscape 6 and up will tell you whether the user has checked/unchecked the option in the browser's security settings to enable Java or not.

However, Netscape 6 and up does not ship with native Java support. This means that to run Java in a Netscape 6+ browser the user must have the Java plugin installed.

With this in mind, it is not sufficient to check just the JavaEnabled property alone with Netscape 6+ to determine whether a user will be able to run an applet if you send it to them. Instead you should check the Plugin_JavaVer property. This property returns the version of the Java plugin installed, or returns a blank string if no Java plugin is installed. Therefore to test for Java enabled and usable under Netscape 6+ you should make sure that JavaEnabled is True and that Plugin_JavaVer is not an empty string.

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