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In what instances does an IP address not get resolved?
Created: 8/28/2001    Updated: 4/24/2002
Q   I'm using the ResolveIP method to perform DNS look-ups, and in some cases I notice that no name is available. Why is this?

A   BrowserHawk uses your local network sockets layer to perform DNS look-ups when you call the ResolveIP method.

In order for an IP address to be resolved to a name, the owner of the domain name must have specifically set up their DNS service specifically so that it is resolvable by the IP address. This is regardless of whether you use BrowserHawk to perform the DNS look-up, or another tool.

In cases where the host name is not resolvable, it is usually because the administrator of the domain has not set it up to be resolvable. In many cases this may be intentional for security reasons.

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