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JavaScriptEnabled returns False with WebTV
Created: 9/6/2001    Updated: 4/25/2002
Q   While using the WebTV viewer (emulator) on WinNT, Browserhawk reports that JavaScript is disabled, when in fact it is enabled. Why?

A   The "extended properties" (such as JavaScriptEnabled, CookiesEnabled, etc) are only supported for IE, Netscape, and Opera browsers.

Therefore if you call GetExtPropertiesEx for a browser other than those, it returns immediately without performing any functions.

This is by design because browsers other than IE, Netscape, and Opera have limited client-side support for our tests, and sending our test code to those browsers could cause an error or other undesired behavior.

Before checking the value of the JavaScriptEnabled property, you should check the Browser property to make sure it is IE, Netscape, or Opera - and if not expect all the extended properties to contain only their default values and not actual results.

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