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Datetime out-of-range error with BrowserHawk Reports Web Service
Created: 10/19/2001    Updated: 10/19/2001
Q   I am receiving the following error with the BrowserHawk Reports Web Service:
[Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server] The conversion of a char data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out-of-range datetime value.

A   This version of the BrowserHawk Reports Web Service (BRWS) assumes the language of the SQL Server login user is set to English. If it is instead set to a language that uses a different date format, such as DD/MM/YY instead of English's MM/DD/YY, then this error will occur.

To resolve this issue change the default language to English for the SQL Server login that the BRWS is configured to use. If you cannot do this because the SQL Server login is also used for other purposes, then we recommend you create a new SQL Server login specifically for use by the BRWS and set its language to English (if you take this step, be sure to use the BrowserHawk Editor to change the SQL Server login information the BRWS uses to point to the new login).

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