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Extended properties check not working with Netscape 6.1 and higher
Created: 11/19/2001    Updated: 9/28/2004
Q   Netscape browser versions 6.1 and higher are failing to properly execute my calls to check extended properties using GetExtProperties. Why?

A   This problem can occur if BrowserHawk is running with a BDF update that is several years old.

This occurs because without a current BDF file, BrowserHawk is unable to recognize Netscape 6.1 and higher due to changes made by the Netscape developers to those versions. In this case, BrowserHawk recognizes the browser as Netscape but the version as 0.9.x. This results in the extended property check failing to execute.

To resolve this issue, be sure to download the latest BDF from cyScape, assuming your Support and Maintenance is curent. As always, it is critical to keep your BDF update to date, for reasons such as this.

Search this knowledgebase for information on how to obtain an updated BDF.

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