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JavaVersion and JavaVendor properties returning -2 for all users
Created: 2/19/2002    Updated: 2/19/2002
Q   The JavaVersion and JavaVendor properties are returning -2 for all users that visit my server. When we test against the cyScape server it returns the values as expected instead of -2. Why?

A   In order for BrowserHawk to test these properties, it is necessary that the JVMDetector.class applet supplied by cyScape reside on your web server in a specific directory.

One of the installation options for BrowserHawk is support for detecting these properties. If you did not choose this option, or did not set this option up properly, then these properties will return -2 for all browsers.

Assuming you chose this installation option, the installer prompted you for a web server directory in which to store the JVMDetector.class applet supplied by cyScape. If this applet does not reside in the proper directory you will receive -2 for all browsers.

To resolve the issue, copy the JVMDetector.class file from your BrowserHawk installation directory to the directory which contains the web script that you wish to test these properties from.

For example, assume your ASP test page was located in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\mysite. Then you should copy the JVMDetector.class file into that directory. This should resolve the issue.

If you need to perform these tests from multiple directories, but do not wish to place a copy of this file into multiple directories, you can use the JVMCodeBase property to share one copy of the file across scripts running in multiple directories. See the JVMCodeBase Property in the product documentation.

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