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JVMDetectorBeanInfo.class not found
Created: 8/30/2002    Updated: 10/28/2002
Q   BrowserHawk seems to be looking for a file called JVMDetectorBeanInfo.class. This file doesn't exist on my system and is not included in the software. BrowserHawk doesn't throw any errors to the screen, but it is requesting this class because it is showing up as a 404 in my logs whenever I execute a page that performs my extended property checks.

A   This is related in particular to the extended property test for the JavaVersion and JavaVendor properties.

To check those properties, BrowserHawk sends a tiny Java applet to the client. If you look at how JavaBeans work, the XxxBeanInfo class is a way to override the default behavior of bean properties. If it doesn't exist, Java uses the defaults.

With our detector bean the defaults are what should be used, so we do not provide a XxxBeanInfo and all is well since it is not needed. The only downside is some 404's in the logs, but when that's how JavaBeans work there's not much to do about it. However if you want to eliminate the 404s you can remove the tests for JavaVersion and/or JavaVendor from your BrowserHawk code. But this of course will mean that you will not be able to check those particular properties.

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