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ConnectionOpen (CreateFile()) error message when using BrowserHawk Reports
Created: 9/18/2002    Updated: 9/24/2002
Q   When attempting to use BrowserHawk Reports to insert into SQL Server I receive the following error message:
Error: [Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server] [DBNMPNTW]ConnectionOpen (CreateFile()).: [Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server] Client unable to establish connection [HTTP Query] [SQL]

A   This error is typically seen when running the BrowserHawk Reports Web Service on a machine that does not have SQL Server installed.

This is because machines without SQL Server installed default to using Named Pipes for connectivity to SQL Server databases.

To resolve this issue, you must configure your server so that it defaults to using TCP/IP for connectivity to SQL Server instead of Named Pipes. This can be done by using the Client Network Utility. If you do not have the Client Network installed or cannot run it, you can also change the defaults manually by modifying/adding a registry value. See Microsoft KB article Q250550 for details on changing this default manually.

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