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Extended property check on IE 6 does not finish when security set to High
Created: 10/8/2002    Updated: 1/31/2005
Q   When a user's IE 6 security is set to High, the extended property test page says 'Checking your browser, please wait...' but does not finish. How can I handle this situation?

A   This is expected behavior. When IE 6 is set to its very highest level of security, it effectively disables everything from running on the page.

Normally there are basic instructions the browser will follow, even if scripting and Java and all other bells and whistles are disabled, so that the test can complete. But when set to High even this basic instruction is ignored.

There are two ways to handle the situation. The first is to change the default 'Please wait...' message displayed during the test to say something like 'Please here if no response in x seconds', and make 'click here' a link which takes them out of the test page (you can make the entire line in a small font and off color, such as light gray against a white background, to minimize its visual impact since only those with security set to high will have time to focus in and read it).

The other approach is to stuff an entire page worth of HTML into the optional 'please wait' message parameter, so effectively you show a back up page in the event the test does not complete because security is set to High. When security is not set to High, the user will see your first basic HTML page and then be taken to the real page once the test completes. If security is High, they will remain on your basic HTML page.

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