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A trappable error occurred in the OnStartPage method
Created: 1/7/2003    Updated: 7/11/2003
Q   I've been using BrowserHawk 6 with no issues and out of the blue I started receiving the following error message: "Unexpected error. A trappable error occurred in the OnStartPage method of an external object."

A   This error is caused as the result of Apple's new web browser called Safari hitting a page on your site that uses BrowserHawk version 6.0, 6.01, or 6.02.

Safari was released into beta on January 6, 2003 when this problem was first detected and fixed as discussed below. Although this issue may go away in a future beta or final release of Safari, we have provided a fix at this time.

To resolve or prevent this issue, and to ensure this issue does not cause instability of your web server, please be sure to upgrade to BrowserHawk 6.03 or later as soon as possible.

The recommended course of action is to upgrade to BrowserHawk 7.0 or later. Not only is this issue resolved in 7.0, but an enhancement has been made that should prevent such a bug from affecting your web service in this way in the future.

If upgrading to 7.0 is not an option at this time, then the recommended course of action is to run the automated installation of 6.03 instead of the manual update (discussed below).

Upgrade using the installation program

If you are running BrowserHawk 6.0, 6.01, or 6.02 you can download the BrowserHawk 6.03 installation program from our download area. Simply run the installation program and install over your existing BrowserHawk installation (no need to remove the previous installation first).

To minimize the odds of needing to reboot afterwards, stop your IISAdmin service prior to installing, and restart the IIS and related services afterwards. If prompted to reboot after installation however, please do so.

Manual upgrade via patch

If you are running BrowserHawk 6.0, 6.01, or 6.02 and prefer to install this update manually instead of using the installation program, you can do so by following these steps:
  1. Verify you are already have BrowserHawk 6.x installed. This patch will not work otherwise.

  2. Download the patch with one of the following links:

    For Windows NT/2000/XP/.NET Server users:

    For Windows 9x/ME users:

  3. Open a command prompt

  4. Enter "net stop iisadmin /y" at the command prompt to stop the IIS Admin service

  5. Change directories to your system32 or appropriate directory which contains the cyscapesvr.dll file

  6. Delete the cyscapesvr.dll contained in that directory. If the file is locked, you will need to reboot and try again.

  7. Extract cyscapesvr.dll from the zip file you downloaded. Copy this version of the file into the same directory where the old one resided. Note there is no need to unregister/reregister the component using regsvr32.

  8. Restart your web services (net start w3svc). If you are running other services such as the FTP Service be sure to restart each of these as well since the net stop iisadmin /y will have stopped them.

Note: Both the BrowserHawk 6.03 automated installation and the patches will work with any existing BrowserHawk 6.x license key.

Note: This issue applies only to the ActiveX/COM version 6.0, 6.01, and 6.02 of BrowserHawk.

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