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Firewall property returning False with Firewall active
Created: 1/20/2003    Updated: 1/20/2003
Q   I have a firewall installed, but when testing the Firewall property BrowserHawk is returning False. Am I misunderstanding the definition of Firewall as it pertains to BrowserHawk?

A   As noted in the documentation, the Firewall property indicates whether the visitor is behind a firewall that is disallowing outbound traffic over ports other than the default HTTP port of 80, and/or possibly the default SSL port of 443.

By design, even if you have a firewall in place, this property will still return True if the firewall is permitting outbound traffic over your ports. Or looked at another way, for this property to return true your firewall must be configured to disallow outbound traffic over ports other than 80 and/or 443.

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