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Safari not executing extended property tests
Created: 3/4/2003    Updated: 8/4/2003
Q   I am trying to detect extended properties (such as whether cookies are disabled) on Safari browsers. But I'm getting results that show cookies are disabled on Safari even when they are not. Likewise other extended property checks have incorrect values. Why?

A   Detection of Safari and extended property checks on Safari are only supported starting with BrowserHawk 7.0.

As mentioned in the documentation of earlier versions of BrowserHawk, extended property checks, such as disabled settings, plugins, screen size, connection speed, etc, are currently only support with IE, Netscape, Opera, and Mozilla browsers.

Therefore the extended property tests are not executed on Safari with versions of BrowserHawk prior to 7.0, and the default values for all extended properties are returned. This is why it looks like BrowserHawk is saying that cookies are disabled, when in fact its just defaulting to that since it cannot run the test.

To resolve your issue please upgrade to the latest version of BrowserHawk.

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