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JavaScriptEnabled property returns False when JavaScript is enabled
Created: 1/18/2001    Updated: 11/27/2002
Q   The JavaScriptEnable property is always False, even for those users with JavaScript enabled. Why?

A   In order to detect disabled JavaScript you must first call the SetExtProperties and GetExtPropertiesEx methods. After doing so the value of the JavaScriptEnabled property will be set correctly.

Other advanced properties, such as checking screen size, browser window size, and plug-ins also require these methods be called before checking the values of the properties. See the BrowserHawk documentation for more information.

If you are properly calling these methods but BrowserHawk still shows JavaScript is enabled, then verify that you properly configured the browser to disabled JavaScript. One common mistake made when trying to disable JavaScript is disabling Java instead of JavaScript.

To disable JavaScript under IE, make sure you disable the setting labeled "Active Scripting" and not Java or "Scripting of Java applets". Also make sure that you are disabling JavaScript in the right security zone.

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