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The type or namespace name 'cyScape' could not be found
Created: 10/30/2003    Updated: 3/15/2004
Q   I am trying to use the .NET version of BrowserHawk from ASP.NET and receiving the following error message:
   The type or namespace name 'cyScape' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

A   This error indicates that the compiler cannot locate the BrowserHawk class.

If using VS.NET you can resolve the issue by adding a Reference to the BrowserHawk.dll located in the BrowserHawk\dotnet directory. Use the Add Reference option under the Project menu to do so.

If not using VS.NET simply copy the BrowserHawk.dll file from the BrowserHawk\dotnet directory into the bin directory for your web application. In the future if you upgrade to a newer version of BrowserHawk be sure to manually copy the newer BrowserHawk.dll file into your bin directory again afterward, as this will not occur automatically and you would still be using the older version otherwise.

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