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BDF service terminated unexpectedly event log message
Created: 1/24/2001    Updated: 5/24/2001
Q   I am receiving a message stating "The BrowserHawk BDF service terminated unexpectedly" in my event log. What does this mean?

A   Note: This issue was resolved in BrowserHawk 5.0 and later. The following only applies to older versions.

This message means the BrowserHawk BDF service is terminating without the service control manager expecting it to. The BDF service is the process that runs in the background to monitor cyScape for updates to the browser definitions.

This problem occurs when a user logs off of the machine. The log off event should not terminate the service by design, however it is doing so.

Having the BDF Service shutdown will not affect the operation of the BrowserHawk component and your pages using BrowserHawk will continue to function. Without the BDF Service running, however, you won't be notified of a BDF update until the service is restarted (using Control Panel).

Likewise Windows 2000 users can set the recovery options in the Service control manager to automatically restart the service if it stops unexpectantly.

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