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Extended property results available on one virtual site but not another
Created: 3/25/2004    Updated: 3/25/2004
Q   I have an older version of BrowserHawk and use it from multiple virtual directories within the same site and in some cases different virtual servers on the same machine. When performing extended properties in one location it works great, but the same code in another virtual site returns incorrect results. Why?

A   This is a known issue with versions of BrowserHawk prior to 7.0. In these older versions the location you visit first will generally get the correct results, but when hitting another extended property test script in a different virtual directory or site the results come back as default values (false for booleans, 0 for ints, etc).

This issue was fixed with BrowserHawk 7.0. To resolve your issue please upgrade to the latest version of BrowserHawk.

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