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404 error with ColdFusion MX and jsessionid
Created: 7/19/2004    Updated: 5/18/2006
Q   When using BrowserHawk with CFMX the extended property check is causing IIS to return a 404 error. If I do not perform the extended property check the page loads fine.

A   When CFMX builds the URL used in the request, it uses a standard format such as page.cfm;jsessionid=xxxxxx. There is an issue with IIS, however, that prevents it from mapping the URL correctly (due to the semi-colon), which results in the 404 error. This error does not occur when using CFMX with web servers other than IIS.

Although not considered a CFMX bug, Macromedia has issued an enhancement request #46874 for moving jsessionid to the url query string so that it comes after the ? delimiter which should resolve the issue.

In the meantime, the suggested work around by Macromedia is to edit the jrun.ini file and change the ignoresuffixmap setting to false. The jrun.ini file can be found by default in the subdirectories located in x:\cfusionmx\runtime\lib\wsconfig. After updating this file (or multiple copies of it, as found in the subdirectories) you must restart you CFMX services.

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