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ConnectionSpeed returns 0 when testing on local LAN
Created: 7/20/2004    Updated: 7/20/2004
Q   The ConnectionSpeed property is returning 0 when testing over our local network. Is this expected behavior?

A   Yes, as noted in the documentation for this property:
Connection speed detection is designed to detect broadband speeds of approximately T3 and slower. If you test the connection speed using a browser that resides on the same local network as the web server you will likely receive a reading of 0. Likewise if the browser you are testing from resides on the same machine as your web server you will receive a reading of 0. Note that these two conditions mentioned are typical when you are doing development and testing your pages. A reading of 0 typically indicates that the connection is too fast to accurately detect. When testing the parts of your web site that make use of the connection speed we recommend doing so over a connection that is not local (such as a T1, T3, ISDN, DSL, cable modem, dial-up, etc).

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