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Error when checking extended properties IE 6 SP 2 with BH 7
Created: 11/1/2004    Updated: 11/1/2004
Q   Using BrowserHawk 7.01 - we are getting JavaScript errors when performing extended property checks on some users with IE 6 Service Pack 2. This never happened with earlier versions of IE such as SP 1 and earlier.

A   BrowserHawk 7.01 and earlier does not support IE 6 SP 2 due to some changes that were introduced in SP 2. As a result, BH 7.01 and earlier can cause JavaScript errors in the browser, particularly when the user has disabled the new 'Scripting and Binary Behaviors' security option introduced in IE 6 SP 2.

Enhancements were made in BrowserHawk 8.0 to handle these conditions without error. Please upgrade to the latest version of BrowserHawk to resolve your issue.

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