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Plugin_FlashVerEx not detected with IE 6 SP 2 under BH 7
Created: 9/29/2004    Updated: 9/29/2004
Q   We are having a problem where BrowserHawk is no longer returning any value for the Plugin_FlashVerEx property under IE 6 SP 2. How can we resolve this?

A   Due to some changes introduced with IE 6 SP 2 it is currently not possible to detect the exact build version information of the Flash plugin. Since that is what Plugin_FlashVerEx is designed to return, this results in an empty string being returned instead of the build number (such as "7,0,15,0") with BrowserHawk 7.01 and earlier.

Starting with BrowserHawk 8.0 we have accounted for this change by returning the major version of the Flash plugin in this property.

For example, although it is not possible to return the exact build (i.e. 7,0,15,0) we do return the major build, in the format of X,0,0,0, where X represents the major version number. For example 7,0,15,0 will be returned under BrowserHawk 8.0 with IE 6 SP 2 as "7,0,0,0".

To have the major version of the Flash player returned in Plugin_FlashVerEx with IE 6 SP 2 and later, instead of a blank string, please upgrade to the latest version of BrowserHawk.

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