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http_referrer not available after extended property check
Created: 10/21/2004    Updated: 10/21/2004
Q   After performing an extended property check the information in the HTTP_REFERRER is no longer available. How can I test extended properties without losing the referring information?

A   Extended property checks involve a silent redirect. Since the HTTP_REFERRER is not carried over from request to request, the redirect results in the this information being blanked.

You can, however, still get the HTTP referrer information when performing an extended property check by using BrowserHawk's Referrer property.

To do so, simply add "Referrer" to the list of extended properties that BrowserHawk should check. For example: bh.SetExtProperties "plugin_flash, referrer" or extOptions.AddProperties("plugin_flash, referrer"). Then after your line of code that executes the extended property check, just check the BrowserHawk Referrer property to get the original HTTP_REFERRER value.

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