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BDF Merge feature not working after upgrade from BH 6.x or earlier
Created: 3/21/2005    Updated: 3/21/2005
Q   After upgrading from BrowserHawk 6.x I receive an error message. This occurs when attempting to merge my customized BDF with the latest BDF from cyScape.

A   This issue can occur because of the difference between where files are stored in older versions of BrowserHawk.

In BH versions 6.x and earlier, the BDF was stored by default in \program files\browserhawk. Starting with BH 7.x the default location was moved to \program files\cyscape\browserhawk.

To resolve the issue, change the BDF locations as follows:

  • Open the BH Editor and choose Preferences and Options from the Special menu. Then select the BDF Settings on the dialog box that appears.

  • Change the path for the Customized and Reference BDFs so that it points to the new path of \program files\cyscape\browserhawk (instead of \program files\browserhawk).

  • If the Master BDF is pointing to the old \program files\browserhawk path, change that as well so it points to \program files\cyscape\browserhawk. To change this entry you must press the Change Master BDF button.

  • Make sure that your customized maindefs.bdf, maindefs.bdd, and maindefs.mrg files are moved from \program files\browserhawk to \program files\cyscape\browserhawk.
After completing these steps retry merging your browser definitions with the latest from cyScape. If you need further assistance email with full details of the issue you are experiencing.

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