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ph_pb is null or not an object error message when checking popups
Created: 4/28/2005    Updated: 4/28/2005
Q   When checking for blocked popups I am getting a JavaScript error that says "ph_pb is null or not an object".

A   This error occurs if you test for blocked popups using the extended property RequestType parameter of 3 (POST). Even if you are not explictly specifying this requestType parameter, 3 (POST) is used automatically by default if you are performing this test from a page that does POST processing (such as processing a field form result).

This issue was fixed in BrowserHawk 8.01 and later. To resolve your issue please upgrade to the latest version of BrowserHawk. If upgrading is not an option at this time, you can avoid this issue by changing your code so that it does not use the POST requestType (which will involve performing the popup check from a page other than the one that does form field processing).

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