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How to capture verbose logging during BrowserHawk installation
Created: 12/12/2005    Updated: 12/12/2005
Q   How can I capture verbose logging information during the installation of BrowserHawk?

A   If you are receving an error message while trying to install BrowserHawk using the Windows Installer, and receive a Windows Installer error message in the process, a cyScape support representative may request verbose logging output from your installation attempt for troubleshooting purposes.

To collect this information, please run the BrowserHawk exe installation program from a command line, as follows:

BrowserHawk90.exe /L*v c:\bhinstall.log

Note that the installation file name may differ than what's shown above ("browserHawk90.exe") depending on what version of BrowserHawk you are installing. Use the name of your actual BrowserHawk exe installation file.

After entering the command line shown above, the installation program will launch. Run through the install so that the issue is reproduced.

After reproducing the issue, email the c:\bhinstall.log file to us by attaching it to your open support case with cyScape. If you have not yet opened a support case, attach it to a new message sent to and include very specific details about the problem you are experiencing.

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