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CFMX pages occassional show HTTP header info or prompt the browser for a download location
Created: 6/5/2006    Updated: 6/5/2006
Q   Occassionally when using BrowserHawk with CFMX I see HTTP header information briefly display on the page. Or in some cases the browser may prompt me for a location to save a CFM file instead of displaying the file.

A   This can occur when using BrowserHawk to test for the Broadband property if any white space or content is getting into the HTTP output stream, prior to BrowserHawk having a chance to perform its testing. This issue can occur with non IE browsers, and has not been reproducable with IE.

To ensure the proper operation of BrowserHawk, it is important that NO output whatsoever, including any white space characters, HTTP headers, or HTML be sent to the browser prior to calling the CF_BrowserHawk custom tag, or prior to calling getExtendedBrowserInfo is not using the custom tag. Otherwise issues like this can occur.

To resolve this issue please make 100% certain that the call to the BrowserHawk custom tag is the VERY FIRST thing which appears in your CFM page. This means NO trailing white space, blank lines, etc. The very first byte in your CFM file should be the opening less-than sign which makes up the start of the CF_BrowserHawk custom tag.

If you are already have your page set up this way, or you cannot set things up this way because of your overall architecture, you can use the BroadbandImgageUrl property in the ExtendedOptions class to resolve this, as follows:

  • Step 1:
    Locate the bhawk_bb.dat file that shipped with the BrowserHawk files you downloaded. This will likely already be located with the BrowserHawk files you extracted when installing BH.
  • Step 2:
    Rename the bhawk_bb.dat file to bhawk_bb.jpg. Then place this somewhere within your web files, such as in an images subdirectory.
  • Step 3:
    If you are using the custom tag, find the line in the BrowserHawk custom tag that begins with ebi = CreateObject. Then insert a line below that line that does the following:


    For example:


If you are not using the BrowserHawk custom tag you can accomplish the same thing, by setting the BroadbandImageUrl property of your ExtendedOption class PRIOR to calling getExtendedBrowserInfo.

This should resolve your issue. If not please email

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