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System.ArgumentException: Item has already been added when using BH .NET 9.0
Created: 7/12/2006    Updated: 8/22/2006
Q   I received the following error:

System.ArgumentException: Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: "complete" Key being added: "complete"

A   Note: This issue applies only to BH for .NET version 9.0 users. If you are using BrowserHawk for ActiveX or Java (BH4J), or BH for .NET or later, this issue is not present.

This error is caused by a known issue with BrowserHawk for .NET version thru It is resolved in BrowserHawk (the release build of BH 9.01) and later, which can be downloaded from the BrowserHawk download page.

For this error to occur the the following conditions must be true:

  • your maindefs.bdd is located in a directory other than in your \bin directory,

  • a BDF update is made to the server either manually or via automatic download as pushed out by cyScape from our BDF server.
In the event you encounter this issue, a simple iisreset command will immediately resolve it, and the issue will not occur again unless another BDF update is downloaded and installed.

Required Action

To resolve this issue please upgrade to BH 9.01 at this time.

If you cannot upgrade to 9.01 and want to update your browser definitions, you can do so simply by installing the BDF/BDD update, and then performing an iisreset immediately thereafter. If you meet the above conditions and you do not do an iisreset after installing the update, you will receive the above error until an iisreset is performed or the server is restarted.

If you cannot upgrade to 9.01 we recommend that you disable the automatic BDF update feature until the upgrade is performed. To disable automatic updates, stop the BrowserHawk_BDF service in Control Panel and change its startup mode to Manual from Automatic.

Note that if you meet the above criteria and do not upgrade to BH 9.01 or later and do not disable automatic updates, your server(s) will likely experience the above issue each time we push out a BDF update.

Note: This issue applies only to BrowserHawk for .NET version 9.0.0.x thru It is resolved in the release build of 9.01 which is and later. If you are unsure if this issue affects you can check the version number of your BrowserHawk.dll file and compare it to the versions listed above. If you have any questions please contact us at

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