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Plugin_FlashVerEx property returned as an encoded string
Created: 7/14/2006    Updated: 7/14/2006
Q   After upgrading to BH 9.0 I noticed the Plugin_FlashVerEx property is now returned as an encoded string. How can I resolve this?

A   This issue affects only users of the BrowserHawk for ActiveX component version 9.0 who use the POST requestType.

For example, instead of a value returned such as "8,0,0,0" you receive "8%2C0%2C24%2C0".

To resolve the issue, please email us to request BrowserHawk build This update will be rolled forward in the next maintenance release of BrowserHawk if you would prefer to to wait.

Alternatively, you can resolve the issue either by A) using the cookie or query string request type (this is only possible if not using BH from a page that does POST processing), or B) simply adding your own code to decode the string.

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