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After installing BrowserHawk Vista displays a dialog box that says A Program Cannot Display A Message On Your Desktop
Created: 3/2/2007    Updated: 10/14/2007
Q   After installing BrowserHawk on Vista I started getting a dialog box displayed on my desktop which says:
A program can't display a message on your desktop, the program may need a permission or information to complete the task.
After clearing this dialog box it returns once every five minutes. How can I prevent this?

A   This issue occurs with BrowserHawk 10.x and earlier. To resolve the issue please upgrade to the latest version of BrowserHawk.

Changes introduced with Vista made the BrowserHawk BDF service so that it cannot run without this message being displayed. There is no way to suppress the message or prevent it from appearing.

To resolve the issue we introduced the cyScape Update Service which debuted in BrowserHawk 11.0 and fully replaces the old BrowserHawk BDF service.

In addition to supporting Vista, this new service adds additional functionality as well, such as improved support for downloading through proxies and firewalls, and support for SMTP authentication to receive email notifications when updates are downloaded.

When upgrading from BrowserHawk 10.x or earlier the installer will take care of removing the BrowserHawk BDF Service and installing the cyScape Update Service for you.

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