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Unexpected error during initialization: Input string was not in a correct format.
Created: 4/29/2007    Updated: 4/29/2007
Q   I am receiving the following exception when trying to use BrowserHawk from a .NET environment:

Unexpected error during initialization: Input string was not in a correct format.

A   This error occurs if you try to use a BrowserHawk license key for version 10.x or greater with BrowserHawk software that is or earlier.

To resolve this issue, upgrade your BrowserHawk software to the latest version that your license key supports. Or if upgrading your software is not an option at this time, email to request a license key that works with your older version. Please be certain to include information on which BrowserHawk version you are using.

You can obtain the version of BrowserHawk in use by looking at the file properties of the BrowserHawk.dll file using Windows Explorer. Note that there may be several copies of BrowserHawk.dll on your system so be sure to search your entire hard drive for this file and check each of the version numbers.

For example you could have a case where you think you upgraded to BrowserHawk 10.01, yet the BrowserHawk dll still in your bin directory of your web app is BH 9.01 and causing this issue. So in that case you would need to copy over the latest BrowserHawk.dll file over ALL older copies. Note that you may need to recompile and/or redeploy after upgrading the BrowserHawk.dll.

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