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Non-ascii characters lost on posted form results
Created: 5/23/2007    Updated: 5/23/2007
Q   When submitting a form that contains non-ASCII characters using a CodePage value of 65001 I sometimes lose the non-ASCII characters. How can I resolve this?

A   This is an encoding issue that will only be present if you perform extended property tests using BrowserHawk from within a page that does POST processing and use a CodePage value other than the default.

By default BrowserHawk does not set the character set for its test page. Therefore non-ASCII characters may be dropped if you are using a CodePage value such as 65001.

To resolve this issue, simply set the Response.CharSet property equal to UTF-8. This MUST be done prior to calling the method which triggers the extended property test.

Alternatively, you can work around this issue by changing the way your code is arranged so that the BrowserHawk test occurs on the GET for the form (the page that displays the form) rather than during the POST operation. If the BH results are needed in the POST processing, you can still perform the test in the GET, then pass the results back through the form using a hidden form field.

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