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Mixed security warning when testing extended properties from secure pages
Created: 8/7/2007    Updated: 8/7/2007
Q   I am getting a mixed security warning in the browser when using BrowserHawk to test extended properties from an HTTPS page saying This page contains both secure and non-secure items. How can I resolve this?

A   The following properties cannot be tested from HTTPS pages without this warning: Firewall, OpenPorts, and ImagesEnabled. The only work around is to perform tests for these properties in advance of the user reaching the HTTPS page.

For instance, if you have a link to an HTTPS page, move the BrowserHawk checking to the page that displays the link, rather than inside the HTTPS page itself.

It is not possible to perform these tests over a secure connection because these tests in particular require us to pass data through a specific port. And, since HTTPS data must pass over port 443, there is no way for us to perform these particular tests because they must be performed on specific ports other than 443.

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