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error stating bhkbps is undefined
Created: 8/16/2007    Updated: 8/16/2007
Q   On rare occasions we have certain web users who receive a JavaScript error on our page stating: bhkpbs is undefined. How can I resolve this?

A   This issue is triggered by an encoding difference between the browser settings and how BrowserHawk formats the data stream used in the connection speed test.

This issue was fixed in BrowserHawk 10.01. To resolve your issue, please upgrade to the latest version of BrowserHawk. If you cannot upgrade at this time, you can prevent the issue by temporarily removing the ConnectionSpeed test.

Note: Special installation steps may be required to update files manually depending on your configuration, as follows:

For .NET users using manual deployment - after you run the BrowserHawk installer, search your entire hard drive for all copies of the file bhawk_sp.dat. Replace ALL copies (there may not be any copies in which case no action is required) with the new one now found in your BrowserHawk target installation directory (by default \Program Files\cyScape\BrowserHawk).

For BrowserHawk4J users - search your entire hard drive for ALL copies for the files bhawk_sp.dat and bhawk4j.jar. Replace all copies with the newer ones found in the BH4J zip file distribution.

For BrowserHawk ActiveX users (classic ASP) - no special action is required after running the installation program.

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