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ThreadAbortException exception seen while debugging .NET
Created: 9/19/2007    Updated: 9/19/2007
Q   I am using BrowserHawk for .NET and when debugging the code I noticed that I am getting ThreadAbortException exceptions. Why is this?

A   This is perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned with. In the first phase of an extended property test, BrowserHawk sends the browser test code and instructs it to call the same page back again with the test results, then ends the request.

The request is ended by BrowserHawk calling Response.End internally. When Response.End is called, the .NET framework throws a ThreadAbortException for the sole purpose of unwinding the stack. This is how the framework is designed to operate.

So although this exception sounds like something bad or unexpected happened, its really by design and should be ignored. In most cases the exception is bubbled up past your code to a layer and handled by .NET for you. If that is not happening in your case you can add a Catch block for this exception, and do NOTHING inside the block.

Once the exception is handled you will see your page being called back into again - this is normal and the beginning of the second phase of the test, whereby the browser is calling BrowserHawk back with the test results. Note all that depending on what other tests you run, you may see your page getting called back another time or two. This is all normal and transparent to the user.

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