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Error 1706 - 'No valid source could be found'
Created: 11/2/2007    Updated: 11/2/2007
Q   When I attempt to run the BrowserHawk Editor I received the following error: 'BrowserHawk 11.01 -- Error 1706. No valid source could be found for product BrowserHawk 11.01. The Windows Installer cannot continue.'

A   This condition can occur with BrowserHawk 11.0 and 11.01 if the operating system determines that the BrowserHawk files on your system have become corrupt or are missing.

In that case Windows Installer tries to automatically run a Repair operation for you. However the MSI used to install BrowserHawk originally can no longer be found because it was removed by the OS from the temporary file area.

It is possible that conditions other than what is exactly described here could also cause this error 1706 (such as a running a Modify operation, in some circumstances).

To resolve the issue, please uninstall your current installed version of BrowserHawk, and then run the installation again.

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