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404 error when testing the BrowserHawk Reports Web Service
Created: 3/13/2008    Updated: 3/13/2008
Q   When pressing the Test button to test the BRWS I receive a 404 error in the browser along with a message saying that the page cannot be found. How can I resolve this?

A   A 404 error when testing the BRWS generally is caused by one of two things:
  1. There is a security restriction / lack of permissions to access and/or execute the cyscapebrws.dll ISAPI extension. As a defense/security mechanism, as to not give too much information away to the public, IIS returns a 404 error in the case of invalid permissions.

    But in these cases it logs on the server a more description 404 error in the form of 404.x, such as 404.1, 404.2 etc. If you search through the IIS log files you can find this exact error code, and the IIS documentation will tell you what that specific 404.x error message really means.

    This will tell you if it is security restriction related. If it is then you may not have sufficient permissions granted to that directory and/or the cyscapebrws.dll which would include Read and Execute permissions for the IUSR_xxx group.

    Another popular reason is that IIS may not be configured to allow ISAPI extensions. See this article for details on how to ensure ISAPI extensions are allowed and to configure it if not.

  2. Or it can mean that indeed that path you specified in the BH Editor to the BRWS (i.e. c:\inetpub\wwwroot\mainsite\brws) does not map to where the cyscapebrws.dll really is, and/or it does not map to the directory that the BRWS URL actually points to. In these cases it is indeed really a 404 page not found error and not security related.

    You can test this easily by creating a file called "hi.txt" that inside contains "hello", then put this file into that same directory where the cyscapebrws.dll file is, then enter that BRWS URL but change the cyscapebrws.dll?test part to hi.txt in the URL, and check whether you get "hello" in the browser or if you get a 404. If you get a 404 than this confirms that indeed the BRWS URL and/or path where the cyscapebrws.dll resides is not correct.

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