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Installation rolls back on certain Vista and Windows Server 2008 machines
Created: 4/11/2008    Updated: 4/11/2008
Q   I am trying to install BrowserHawk on Vista Service Pack 1. The installation nearly finishes, but then aborts and rolls back. How can I resolve this?

A   Starting with Vista SP1 and later, and Windows Server 2008 and later, this issue occurs due to an incompatibility between InstallShield (used to create the BH installer) and the above mentioned operating systems. To resolve the matter, simply download the latest build of BrowserHawk (even if you already have a copy of BH 11.02) by following the download links on the Upgrade page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: At the time of this writing the latest version of BrowserHawk is 11.02. Even if you are already have a copy of the BrowserHawk 11.02 software, downloading the latest build from our Upgrade page and using THAT BUILD to install will resolve the issue (the BH 11.02 build was refreshed and is newer than the copy you have).

NOTE: If you already have BrowserHawk 11.02 successfully installed, there is no need to remove it and install with the refreshed build on the web site. The BrowserHawk software itself is identical - only the installer was modified in the refreshed build.

Future versions of BrowserHawk will automatically use the updated installer.

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