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Silverlight version 2.0 beta detected as version 1.9
Created: 11/5/2008    Updated: 11/5/2008
Q   I am testing BrowserHawk against Silverlight 2.0 beta. BrowserHawk is detecting it fine, but returning the version as 1.9. Why is this?

A   The Silverlight 2.0 beta control reports itself as being compatible with Silverlight code up to version 1.9, and therefore BrowserHawk detects it as 1.9.

We anticipate that in a later beta release or the official release of Silverlight 2.0 that Microsoft will update the control to report itself as version 2.0. At such time BrowserHawk will automatically then detect the control as 2.0, without requiring an update to BrowserHawk or your code.

In the meantime you can essentially treat a return value of 1.9 for the Silverlight plug-in version from BrowserHawk as meaning that it is Silverlight 2.0 beta.

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