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After importing license key BrowserHawk still using the wrong key
Created: 5/4/2012    Updated: 5/4/2012
Q   I imported my BrowserHawk license key using the BH Editor, but BrowserHawk still seems to be using an older key.

A   If you are using the .NET version of BrowserHawk, check to see if you have a file in the /bin directory of your site.

If so - inside the file is a license.key entry that is likely pointing to an outdated license key file on your server. Change that entry in the .properties file so it points to the license key file you want to use. Then restart IIS.

More background: When you import a license key using the BH Editor, that key is used by the Editor and as the default license key for the BH component. However when manual deployment is used (BH DLL manually copied to a bin directory) and a file is in the same directory as the DLL, the license specified by the license.key entry in the .properties takes precedence.

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